Episode 8

A Band of Gypsys and Bad Acid

Following the disbanding of The Experience, Jimi forms a new power trio with Buddy Miles and Billy Cox. Fueled by blues and R&B, Band of Gypsys promises to be an exciting new chapter in Jimi’s growth as an artist. But the personalities of the band members are like oil and water, and Jimi’s manager, Michael Jeffrey, has his own personal reasons why he wants the trio to tank. Jeffrey will go to great lengths to sabotage Jimi’s efforts at every turn, even if that means slipping his star performer a tainted tab or two.


Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix, by Charles Cross

Jimi Hendrix: Electric Gypsy, by Harry Shapiro & Caesar Glebbeek

Becoming Jimi Hendrix, by Stephen Roby

50 Years Ago: Jimi Hendrix Plays Last Show with Band of Gypsys

Jimi Hendrix and the Band of Gypsies at the Fillmore East: A Concert That Changed Rock


Scored and co-written by Jake Brennan.

Written, edited, and co-produced by Zeth Lundy.

Mixed, engineered, and additional scoring by Sean Cahalin and Matt Beaudoin.

Additional music and score elements by Ryan Spraker.

Produced by Jake Brennan in for Double Elvis in partnership with iHeartRadio.

Illustrations by Matt Nelson.

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