Episode 9

Secret Agent Man-ager, UFOs, & a Lovechild

The secret life of Jimi’s tough-as-nails manager, Michael Jeffrey, becomes increasingly harder to keep secret. His skeletons are bursting from his closet, his hands are getting dirtier all the time, and the mob is breathing down his neck. Meanwhile, Jimi takes to getting lost in fantasy at every chance he can get--in dreams, in drugs, in UFOs in the sky--only to have a backstage bombshell bring him crashing back down to reality.


Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix, by Charles Cross

Jimi Hendrix: Electric Gypsy, by Harry Shapiro & Caesar Glebbeek

Becoming Jimi Hendrix, by Stephen Roby

A Purplish Haze: The Science Fiction Vision of Jimi Hendrix

Ready Steady Gone: Mike Jeffrey


Scored and co-written by Jake Brennan.

Written, edited, and co-produced by Zeth Lundy.

Mixed, engineered, and additional scoring by Sean Cahalin and Matt Beaudoin.

Additional music and score elements by Ryan Spraker.

Produced by Jake Brennan for Double Elvis in partnership with iHeartRadio.

Illustrations by Matt Nelson.

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